The star of our sauce is Gochujang, traditional Korean hot pepper paste made with sun-dried chilies (Gochu) that are carefully selected and fermented to bring the heat in a deliciously complex way.

This 5,000 year-old tradition creates a slow heat that will add new dimensions to your food without ever being overpowering. We promise it will leave you lingering for more.

  1. Sun-dried chili peppers (gochu)
  2. Gochujang is usually fermented for months in a traditional clay pot (onggi)
  3. This gochujang is used as the base for GOTCHU
  4. Now it's easy to add Korean heat to any dish #weGOTCHU

Try GOTCHU With These Foods!

Show us how you fire up @BIBIGOUSA

  • Bottle of GOTCHU Extra Spicy beside a plate of fried chicken with a strip being dipped in sauce.
  • Bottle of GOTCHU classic beside a plate containing an egg topped with sauce
  • Bottle of GOTCHU classic beside a pizza on a tray
  • Bottle of GOTCHU classic being pured over a taco
  • 2 bowls of Bibigo Fried Rice with the product box also shown
  • A dumpling being dipped in GOTCHU sauce

Fire up with @bibigousa

  • GOTCHU bottle captioned The Official Hot Sauce of the Los Angeles Lakers
  • Bulgogi tacos
  • Stuffed avocados
  • Three small pizzas topped with GOTCHU sauce
  • GOTCHU extra spicy being poured into a bowl
  • GOTCHU sauce drizzled on cheesesticks